Our commitment to quality is reflected in the value added services we offer to our customers. Because at Silver Sea Food, it's not simply about ensuring a variety of products for our clients, but also ensuring each of our products meet international quality standards.

We follow a well-framed quality policy of  "Total Quality Approach & Management". As a part of this motto, we have introduced and practice various Quality control procedures and norms. Our decision to comply with the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) procedures is one, and perhaps, the most important amongst them.

The short distance between our landing center and processing plant of just 1 km, helps us ensure fresh quality seafood. We have purchasing centers around the coast of Gujarat and this widespread network helps us to get the best quality raw material.

We follow a scientific approach towards handling and processing of material, with focus on Efficient Storage Capacity. The production and processing of all seafood products is completely monitored and controlled by a team of skilled and qualified personnel. Moreover, our operating procedures and system are designed in a flexible manner, so as to incorporate any such changes as the customers might demand in future.

Our quality system is particularly focused on:

  • Maintaining hygienic and sanitary condition in and around the factory.
  • Giving regular training and education to the food handlers to maintain the good quality of the product.
  • Strict adoption of International Standards.
  • Adopting preventive measures right from the landing Centers to the end.
  • Ensuring a thorough monitoring of all the machineries & equipments.
  • Receiving good quality of raw material, maintaining a smooth and proper flow of the material, right till delivery.

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